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Getting There

We are getting married in Alcácer do Sal, which is located in the heart of the Alentejo region in Portugal. The ceremony will take place in the Church of Santiago, right in the heart of town. The reception will take place on Camilla’s family's property on the river Sado, halfway between the town of Alcácer and the beach town of Comporta. What3words location: exports.piggy.lutes 


The closest airport is Lisbon (LIS) and it is connected to most cities around Europe. There are daily direct flights from the US. The airport is just under a 1 hour drive (98km) to where we are getting married. 


We recommend renting a car for the weekend so you are free to get around and explore (there are very limited taxis once you get to Alcácer / Comporta) - shuttle transportation will be provided for the wedding events from the main hotels/town on the wedding day. 


You can also easily get an uber/taxi/driver from the airport to Alcácer/Comporta but will need to arrange one ahead of time with your accommodation for the return leg back to Lisbon. 


The number of local taxis are extremely limited and there is no uber option. If you are using local taxi companies to arrive at a rental house or a hotel not on the shuttle path, please book in advance as early as you can.


Taxis Alcácer Do Sal  +351 967 885 226

Taxis Hilários    +351 966 981 416

Taxi Comporta   +351 966 797 358

Taxi Carvalhal   +351 913 625 671

Taxi Vale Da Rosa  +351 966 924 133 

Taxi Espada   +351 966 924 133

Taxi Linha do Sul  +351 966 924 696

Taxi Santiago   +351 966 797 397

Taxi Melides   +351 968 841 088

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